It may be difficult to find methods to strength train at home. Bodyweight exercises will only go you so far—more difficult routines usually need the use of free weights, weight machines, and other cumbersome equipment. Fortunately, the best resistance bands provide a creative solution to this issue.

Resistance bands are tiny, tension-packed bands that mimic the weightlifting experience. While a single resistance band may just weigh a few ounces, pulling on it will provide you with 2 to 50 pounds of resistance (depending on the band you choose). Resistance bands are therefore a particularly portable and small-space-friendly method to strength-train. And, since resistance bands come in a variety of designs, sizes, and intensities, you’re sure to find one (or a few!) to add to your routine.

Top 10 best resistance bands in UK 2021

There are many sets of excellent exercise bands available right now on the internet. If you want to enhance your home gym and train a new muscle area or two, this article will detail the finest resistance bands you can purchase right now without having to wait weeks.

Below are top 10 best resistance bands in UK 2021

1. Rogue Monster Bands

Rogue Monster Bands are the best of the best when it comes to resistance bands. They are made of strong, durable natural latex rubber and come in a variety of resistance levels.

The main issue with resistance bands is that they wear very quickly, especially when compared to iron or steel weights. We’ve seen these Rogue bands in action for years and they never seem to wear out.

Rogue has been having supply chain issues for several months, so if you want the Monster Bands, you better get them while you can. The whole band set is currently out of stock, but you can select individual bands.

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2. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

If you’re searching for a conventional resistance loop set, the Fit Simplify Resistance Bands Set is a great choice. The set includes five rubber resistance loops that are thick, robust, and gentle on the skin. And, because each loop has a distinct resistance level ranging from 2 to 30 pounds, you can simply increase the intensity of your workouts over time.

Begin slowly, work your way up, and combine resistance loops whenever you need an extra challenge. And don’t worry about getting your loops mixed up—each one is clearly labeled and color-coded dependent on strength.

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3. FITBEAST Exercise Resistance Bands

FitBeast’s entire home gym kit has everything you need to not only train, but also develop to different levels and resistance strengths. There are five resistance bands, each 48 inches long and color marked according to their weight and level.

It also includes two cushioned handles and two ankle straps, allowing you to make the most of your investment. With more accessories and attachments than your normal resistance band kit, we’d say this is a solid value for the price.

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4. Tone it Up Booty Bands

Tone It Up booty resistance workout bands strengthen, contour, and tone your buttocks by working many deep muscles. Your glutes, abductors, legs, booty, and core will not just be on fire, but your entire body will feel the heat.

Lindsey Metrus, senior editor at Byrdie, is a fan of Tone It Up’s Booty Bands, and she’s not alone. The mild loops are an excellent addition to any lower-body workout.

The blue band should be used for overall strengthening, while the pink band should be used for more exact toning. And put on the bands whenever you need an extra challenge.

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5. Fabric Resistance Bands

These cotton resistance bands are lightweight and compact, making them ideal for transportation. The inside lining’s latex grips keep them from rolling down or stretching out after extended wear. The bundle includes an instruction handbook as well as a carry bag.

These resistance bands come in a set of three and are color-coded according to their strength level. Because of the three distinct difficulty levels, they are suitable for persons of all fitness levels.

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6. Bodylastics 13 pcs Resistance Bands

Talk about limitless training possibilities. This top-rated package has everything you could possibly need for strength training, whether you’re extending your exercise equipment arsenal or just starting started.

For £90, you get five bands with varying resistances (and reinforced rope for increased safety), gripping detachable handles, padded ankle straps, and a door anchor, all neatly stored in a zippered carrying case. The package also includes a full training manual, as well as links to free video demos.

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7. Thera-Band Latex Free Active Recovery Kits

Although many of the best resistance bands are composed of natural rubber latex, some people are allergic to it. TheraBand’s synthetic rubber band triple helps allergy sufferers prevent hives or anaphylactic shock. The strong loops are perfect for physical therapy, strengthening, and stretching, particularly while recovering from an injury.

TheraBand, like many other resistance bands on our list, does not come with any extra accessories other from a meager brochure with a few sample workouts you may do with them.

However, unlike other non-loop bands, there are no handles (or carabiner clips) on either end to grab onto; instead, you can wrap the resistance bands around your body as you grip them, or tie them off into different sizes.

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8. WODFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

These bands contain enough diversity for you to select one (or more) that work for your workout plan, with seven distinct bands delivering seven different resistance levels ranging from 10 to 35 pounds all the way up to 85 to 200 pounds. You can use them around your flat, stand on them, wrap them around furniture, door handles, or even trees to do the exercises in your routine.

We utilized them while traveling, wrapping them around fences for presses and car roof racks for pull downs, with no problems with the bands tearing. They are also excellent for stretching.

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9. Valeo 4-Foot Long Stretch Exercise Resistance Bands

These four-foot bands, designed expressly for stretching, function similarly to a yoga strap. Fold the band in half to increase tension during stretching.

For easy to increase difficulty and challenging workouts, the package includes three color-coded resistance bands: yellow for mild, red for medium, and blue for heavy. To create a distinct effect with a resistance band, fold it over for greater strain, tie a knot for a loop band, or wrap it over your hands for a firm grasp.

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10. TheFitLife Resistance Pull Up Bands

If pull ups are your thing, you’ll be obsessed with this four-piece resistance band set. For assisted pull ups, hang them on your weight rack or other suspended surface.

“These are incredibly powerful and sturdy, and you can do a full-body workout with them,” one reviewer stated. “I’m quite pleased with this product.” And, yes, they come in a variety of resistance sizes, so they’ll function in the beginning phases of a workout as well as when you’re a total pro.

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How to choose the best resistance bands

Resistance bands are available in a variety of styles, the most popular of which are loop bands, tube bands, circle bands, and figure-eight bands. “My personal favorite form of resistance band for workouts like squats, glute bridges, and deadlifts is a loop band,” says Gabby Drucker, personal trainer and proprietor of Drucker Fitness in Philadelphia. If upper body movements like bicep curls and tricep extensions are a regular part of your regimen, a tube band is a superior choice.

“Think about how you want to include resistance bands into your workouts, and that should help you select which sort to go with,” Drucker suggests.

Weight Classification
Because resistance bands serve as a substitute for free weights, weight range is an important issue. You’ll want to choose a set with a low enough starting weight to get you started and a high enough maximum weight to keep you challenged over time.

“Go for the variety pack,” Drucker advises. “Heavier bands are ideal for lower-body exercises, while lighter bands are ideal for upper-body activities.” She mentions that the variety will allow you to use different bands for different exercises.

Most resistance bands are constructed of rubber or latex, which are both elastic and durable. Latex, according to Drucker, is a fantastic choice if you want a stretchier band with more elasticity.

“Another alternative is fabric resistance bands, which are fantastic because they don’t pinch the skin as much as latex options,” Drucker continues. Fabric bands are thicker and wider, making them ideal for workouts like banded glute bridges.

Resistance bands are available in a variety of types, each of which lends itself to a certain type of training. Resistance loops are ideal for lower-body workouts, whilst resistance tubes can be used in conjunction with grips for upper-body workouts and ankle straps for lower-body training.

Pull-up bands are designed primarily for pull-ups, whereas resistance straps may be better for stretching. Consider the activities you enjoy doing and stock up on resistance bands that are appropriate for them.


Resistance bands are ideal for working out both your upper and lower body and may assist anyone (of any fitness level!) get in shape.

We hope that by following our advice, you will be able to select the best for your fitness program.

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